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Warmly celebrating that Jiangsu Tetra won the honor of outstanding contribution unit of China epoxy resin industry association


On November 22, the 60th anniversary ceremony of China's epoxy resinindustry was held in Wuxi Tai Lake, Huayi hotel! China's epoxy resin industryhas gone through a glorious course of 60 years. Up to now, China has developedinto the world's largest epoxy resin production capacity country, outputcountry and the world's largest epoxy resin consumer market. Epoxy resinmaterial has become an indispensable new material in production and life and isan important part of the national strategic emerging industry. The conferencecommended several outstanding enterprises and individuals who have made greatcontributions to the development of epoxy resin industry.

As a representative of key enterprises, Jiangsu Tetra also participatedin the event, and was awarded the honorary title of "outstanding contributionenterprise" in the 60th anniversary celebration of China's epoxy resinindustry. Dr. Han Jianwei, the   R &D director of our company, was awarded the honorary title of "advancedindividual award". Under the guidance and help of the Association for along time, Jiangsu Tetra has made great progress in various aspects of itswork.

Outstanding collective contribution of honorary organization

Outstanding personal honor

The achievements only belong to the past. In the future, under thecorrect guidance of the association, Jiangsu Tetra will continue to work hardin the field of alicyclic epoxy resin.