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Technical Engineer/Process Engineer open retract

Job Description

1.Responsible for staff technical training and abilityimprovement.

2.Responsible for equipment life-cyclemanagement, in line with the requirements of the government and industryauthorities.

3.Responsible for various reports, records andother writing standards, in line with various standardization and certificationrequirements.

4.Responsible for supervising safety management in mechanical maintenance.

5.Responsible for the selection of mechanical equipment.

6.Responsible for the formulation and implementation of mechanical equipmentmaintenance plan.

7.Responsible for the formulation and implementation of monthly mechanicalequipment maintenance plan.

8.Responsible for the decomposition and implementation of mechanicalequipment I and II insurance.

9.Responsible for the statistics and inventory supervision of mechanicalequipment parts.

10.Responsible for mapping equipment parts

11.Prepare operation procedures for single machine of equipment

12.Responsible for the training and capability improvement of mechanical skillsof employees

13.Responsible for the continuous advancement of mechanical equipmentintegrity

14.Responsible for the supply of public works, and promote energyconservation and consumption reduction

Job Requirement

1、Collegegraduate or above majoring in mechanical or mechanical engineering;

2、Morethan 2 years working experience in chemical equipment maintenance;

3、Positiveattitude towards work;

4、Abilityto arrange work conscientiously and in a planned way and to accomplish worktasks conscientiously and efficiently;

5、Goodat communication and coordination, team spirit。

remarks:Workplace: Taixing

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Supply Chain Director open retract

Job Description

1.According to the company'sobjectives, formulate the company's supply chain system planning, divide thecompany's supply chain strategic objectives into phased objectives andimplementation plans, and promote the project

2.Cooperate with sales department to solveproblems in each link of supply chain, including department system, process,personnel distribution, information system, etc.

3.For different types of products, researchsolutions from supplier procurement, warehousing, logistics and other links toensure quality, cost, risk, efficiency.

4.Optimize the communication mechanismbetween departments in supply chain and between supply chain and salesdepartment;

5.Develop supplier system, establish andimprove our product warehouse, implement procurement work, communicate and coordinateproduct price, service and other related work.

6.Lead the formulation of supplier managementsystem, from production, delivery, in-transit, quality assurance, paymentconditions, cooperation agreements and other terms to form constraints onsuppliers, so that both parties win-win cooperation

7.Obtain market and business data fromvarious channels to guide the supply chain to adjust at any time to achieveresource utilization

Job Requirement

1.Bachelor’s degree or above, age over 35, major in logistics, supply chainand management is preferred;

2.About 10 years working experience, including more than three yearsmanagement experience, with background of large foreign-funded enterprises inpharmaceutical synthesis and fine chemical industry is preferred.

3.Familiar with the operation process of supply chain management, able toeffectively plan, integrate and optimize resources in production, quality,procurement, etc.

4.Have systematic cost awareness, familiar with supplier evaluation andinquiry system, strong negotiation ability.

5.Market supply sensitivity and rapid response ability.

6.Has strong team management ability, can continuously improve team membersability, pull team members to complete the supply chain objectives.


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